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2012-10-11 16:28:36

The application of Leeb hardness tester

It can be wildly used in petroleum, mechanism, chemical engineering, metallurgy, aeration and space, pressure vessel and so on industries. It works primarily by checking the hardness to do the invalidation analysis.

The advantage of Leeb hardness tester (compared with the bench one): convenience: when the checked unit is large-sized, hard to move or need check on the spot, under this circumstances, only the Leeb hardness tester fits.

1. Primary use

  • Installed machine or abiding assembly parts; such as boiler, metal pipes and turbo vanes.
  • Mould; large producing part: roller, crank, tramroad of the machine and so on.
  • Invalidation analysis of pressure vessel, steam generator and other equipments.
  • The narrow space in the main shaft and the bottom of groove.
  • The product line of bearings and other parts.
  • Demanding the original records of the results
  • Distinguishing of materials in the metal material warehouse.

2. Idiographic application

1). Aeration and space: being used in the examination of engine and structural parts of plane, the engine structure repairing manual prescribes that some components

and parts are forbidden to disassemble, in addition, some parts are very difficult to remove. Then we can use the Rockwell hardness tester to deal with it.

For example, when the plane engine catch fire, we should check the influenced area by hardness tester to determine the repairing area. Some other large construal parts

need the portable Leeb hardness tester,

such as: all grades of turbo plate, high and low pressure turbo shaft.

2). Mechanical manufacture

      Machine industry: checking the machine body, leg, the track face of sliding saddle and so on.

      Heat treatment industry: checking the hardness of the vulcanized layer treated by cementite, quencher.

      Car industry: generate parts, crank, cylinder cover, inner cavity, cylinder, bearing bush, redirector.

      Engine factory: crank, bearing and large casting.

  .   Gas-engine factory: body of the engine, crank, camshaft, connecting bar, press cover of flywheel, bushing cover and so on.

      Home appliance industry: air condition, refrigerator, washer, and in addition, the hardness testing of tooth flank, cavity of mould.

3). Boiler and pressure vessel industry: The main testing parts of boiler is pipes, air bags. They are connected with expansion. According to the regulation,

before the expansion, the pipe and the air bag both need hardness testing to insure the hardness of airbag is higher than the pipe¨s.

4). Petroleum and chemical engineering industry: In this industry, hardness tester is wildly used in the examination of pipeline and vessles.

5). Power station ( thermoelectricity ): pyrobolts, impellers.

6). Universities and institutes: Usually used for teaching or scientific research, analyzing the metal material with Rockwell hardness tester.


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