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 HBRV-187.5 Motorized Brinell Rockwell & Vickers Hardness Tester
  • 1. Hardness is one of the important mechanic characteristics of the material while the hardness testing

    is the most quickly and economic testing method,as well as an important method to judge the quality of the

     metal material or its component parts. The mechanic characteristics of most metal materials such as the strength,

    tiredness, wriggling and wearing out can be tested out approximately through its hardness testing.


    2. The Motorized Brinell Rockwell & Vickers Hardness Tester, a multi-functional hardness tester with Brinell, Rockwell &Vickers 3 kinds of testing methods and 7 steps testing force

    will meet the needs of many kinds of hardness measurement. The instrument is adopted automatic shifter to load,

    dwell and unload testing force, therefore the operation for this instrument is simple, easy and quickly.

  • Technical specifications

    1.  The Initial Test Force: 98.07N (10Kg); Tolerance: ± 2.0%

    2. The Tolerance of Total Test Force: ± 1.0%

    2.1  The Test Force of Brinell Hardness:  294.2N(30kg), 306.5N (31.25kg), 612.9N (62.5kg),

    980.7N(100kg), 1893N(187.5kg)

    2.2  The Test Force of Rockwell Hardness:  588.4N (60kg), 980.7N (100kg), 1471N(150kg)

    2.3  The Test Force of Vickers Hardness:  294.2N (30Kg), 980.7N (100Kg)

    3.  The Indenter Specifications:

    3.1  The diamond Rockwell indenter

    3.2  The diamond Vickers indenter

    3.3  The φ1.5875 mm, φ2.5 mm, φ5 mm ball indenter

    4.  The Power Source and the Voltage:  AC220V±5%, 50-60 HZ

    5.  Time-delayed control:  2-60 seconds, can be adjusted

    6.  The Distance from the Indenter Central Point to the Instrument Body:  165mm.

    7.  The Max. Height of the Specimen:

    7.1  The Max. Height of the Specimen for Rockwell Hardness:  170mm

    7.2  The Max. Height of the Specimen for Brinell & Vickers Hardness:  100mm

    8.  The Amplification of Objective:  37.5×;  75×

    9.  The Overall Dimension of Hardness Tester(Length×Width×Height): 520×215×700mm

    10.  The Total Weight of the Tester:  78kg

    Rockwell Hardness

    11. The Tolerance of Rockwell Hardness Display Value



    Universal Hardness Tester
    Digital model
    Direct reading (no need to check the conversion table)

  • Item




    Rockwell, Vickers Indenters


    Diameter 1.58752.55mm Hard alloy ball indenter

    Each 1

    Measurement microscope



    Each 1

    Hardness blocks


    Large, Medium, “V” shaped Testing Table

    Each 1

    Power cable


    Slipped Table






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