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    Can be Operated by Mobile phone with APP ,  easy operating avoid touch key shaking on the tester 


    1.We have independent researched and developed the whole series production
    of sensors.The surface sensor is designed with annular guide head. The sensors
    can measure the complex condition of work piece surface.
    2.We can customize special sensor according to user needs.
    3.Later we can develop sensors that STYLUS radius reached 2¦Ìm.
    4.Optimized the design of the internal structure to improve the stability of the test
    and the reliability of the sensor.
    5.Use imported LEMO interface that support hot-swappable, so the sensor can
    be matching interface with the host.

    RS100 standard sensor can used to measure plane, cylindrical surface roughness. 
    Also can used to measure the hole surface that hole diameter is larger than 5mm
    the maximum depth is less than 22mm.

    RS110 surface sensor can used to measure the surface roughness of workpiece
    that curvature radius of concave convex surface larger than 3mm. Also can used
    to measure the planar, cylindrical used with platform.

    RS130 Deep groove sensor can used to measure the deep groove that the width
    is larger than 2mm, the depth is less than 3mm, or the surface roughness of steps
    that height less than 3mm. Also can used to measure the planar, cylindrical used
    with platform.

    RS131 Deep groove sensor can used to measure the deep groove that the width
    is larger than 3mm, the depth is less than 10mm, or the surface roughness of
    steps that height less than 10mm. Also can used to measure the planar, 
    cylindrical used with platform.

  •                            Item
    Electric Inductor Type
    Stylus Radius
    Stylus Material
    Contact Force
    Stylus Angle
    Main Unit
    Max.Drive Travel Length
    Result Variation
    < 6%
    Measuring Profile
    Roughness£¬Waviness£¬Primitive Profile
    Sampling Length (L)
    Evaluation Length (L)
    Data Storage Capacity
    2M+2G Byte
    Built-in Li-ion Battery, vUSB charging
  • 1.  Manufacture of cars and spare parts
    The roughness tester is used in the whole course of car manufacture including the processing of the main unite and every other parts. For instance, the cylinder, piston, crank, camshaft, pneumatic braking valve, valve, connecting bar, gear, bearing and so on.. Actually, the roughness tester is also used in the manufacture of diesel engine in tractor, petrol engine in motorcycle, gas engine in train, bosom of the train, shaft of train and engine of plane, etc.
    2.  Manufacture of mechanical parts and gearing
    Mechanical parts include bearing, fastening parts, pressing parts, bolts, gear and rack, cam, coupling, clutch, hydraulic unite, reducer, micro-motor£¬timing motor. In witch, bearing, hydraulic units, sealing parts, gears in transmission and crank need the roughness testing mostly. And it is essential in the testing of inner and outer race of bearing, bearing ball, gear, crank which are all clearance-fit.
    Roughness tester is also used in some general parts, chain transmission setting, clinchers and connecting unit of transmission, such as washer, shaft, pin, key, gimbal joint, expansion gear, buffer unit, special spring.
    Roughness testing used in the electric motor is mainly the testing of the surface of driver, commutator
    3.       Facilities for metal processing and accessories and functional parts of lathe
    Facilities for metal processing include lathe, milling machine, drill press, grinder, punch, saw machine, electric spark processor, linear cutter, laser processor, speedy molding machine, lying-shaft rectangle platform, special molding series, auto-tapping compound device, drill tapping compound device, muller, sculp machine, trial machine, special trial machine.
    Machine tool is also large complicated high-technology mechanical equipment, comprise a lot of parts. These accessories and parts need testing the surface roughness during processing such as screw bar, directing track, spline, shaft of sealing plate, etc.
    4.        Equipments of technics
    Hard alloy cut, gear processing cut, screw processing cut, cut system, pottery cut, grinding tools, transmission tools, edge grinding machine, wearable parts, clips, pneumatic clips, hydraulic clips, standard mould, material of mould, electric / pneumatic tools, manual tools.
    5.  Universal machine and metal molding equipment,
    Cane, air presser, valve, pump, fan, cooler, cool rolling mill, rivet machine, metallic products.
    6.       Treatment of the surface
    This process include painting, brushing and plating, neatening, etc. the material used comprises metal and non-metal. Following are the equipments and material needing surface roughness testing.
    Painting equipments, brushing and plating equipment, surface cleaning equipment, protecting equipment, sandblast equipment£¬daubing equipment, surface fine-decorating equipment, silk ware, cast-steel power, nozzle, galvanized plate, painting surface of carriage.
    7.       Metallurgy , rolling and forging equipment
    In this industry, the one concerned with the roughness tester is the metallurgy and rolling of steel, iron, copper and aluminum.
    8.       Pneumatic and hydraulic elements and pressure vessel.
    Over high-voltage inner face, sealing loop, pat, cylinder, air valve, ball valve, Pneumatic and hydraulic pressure cylinder, air drum, alloy pump, tin pump, jack, powder metallurgy, hydraulic brake, general plate of valve, electric pump, oil pump.
    9.       Foundry of mould, close manufacture
    Plastic mould, pressure mould, cover mould, founding mould, melting equipment, founding equipment, iron and aluminum cast, coloured metal casting, steel-casting, stainless steel casting£¬alloy-casting, close casting.
    10. Press, packing, light industry and spinning machine, and medical appliance.
    Roughness tester of press machine is mainly the testing of plate-making machine( PS plate), gravure roller. In spinning machine, the one needs the roughness testing is directing wheel of gauze, all kinds of core-shaft, alumina material, and close pottery-parts. The medical appliance industry is just one under-development in which testing is used in medical accelerator. What to be emphasized is in the application of high-quality web-printing, surface roughness tester is used to test the stencil. And in the plastic parking industry, surface roughness testing is essential to the glassy roller, who is one of the most important part in parking equipment.
    11. Petroleum, chemical engineering, coal and cement machine, and agriculture mechanism.
    For the petroleum machine, the inner and outer face of the high-precision pumping pipe which have special demand for surface roughness both need surface roughness testing. In addition, the roughness testing is also used in testing of some other parts of petroleum machine such as the pumping bar and sleeve of oil pipe. In coal machine, the inner face of hydraulic cylinder and the surface of hydraulic valve need the roughness testing.
    12.     Grain and oil, food, beer machine and pharmaceutical machine
    The roller of flour-mill and the appliance of beer machine both need surface roughness testing. Additionally, storing pot, inner surface of the beer tin, the surface of electrothermal pipe used in the cigarette-maker are also involved in the roughness testing.
    13.     Equipments of electric power, auto-control, electronic communication.
    In electric power and auto-control industries, roughness testing is generally used in the testing of high-voltage switch. And in the electronic communication industry, a high-tech one, roughness testing is extraordinarily necessary. Such as the magnetic band of IC card, copper foil connection, and so forth. In the same way, the production of semiconductor wafer also demand for the roughness testing.
    14.     Aviation and space-flight business, military industry
    In these industries, roughness tester is usually used in the manufacture of plane, rocket, galley, steamship, guns, armored cars, and all that. Further more, the inner face of gun pipe, warhead, inner face of magnetic conductor used in radar.
    15.     Universities, institutes
    In universities and institutes, roughness tester is often used in a laboratory as a studying object or works for the teaching.
    16.     Paper-making business
    In a paper mill roughness testing of the paper is always the most important procedure , which will determine the quality of paper.
    17.     Industrial pottery, prezoceramic, electric pottery.
    Pottery is newly material, nowadays, has been widely used in several industries. And accordingly, roughness testing is also necessary in these industries.
    18. Business of rubber, epoxy, polyethylene
    Normally, the rubber material, which is slippery and smooth, need some chemical and mechanical treatment to increase the roughness, and certainly needs roughness tester.
    19.   Canal of liquid, compound glass fiber silence-tube
    Ripple expansion, cyclone, These special tubes usually need the testing of inner and outer surfaces,
    20. Alloy doors and windows, handle of door, parts of chair, surface of stainless steel cup and dishware, exterior of taps.
    21. Crystal, carborundum, graphite, film of diamond, magnet.
    These special materials need testing of their surface roughness.
    22. Chromeplating battery£¬canister of telescope.
    They are both made by a new material which can combine tightly and has a really rough surface. It is the ideal material for high-power enormous capacity battery
    23. Copper-foil stationry, hard alloy ball, base for ball, auto-pencil lead.
    The hard alloy ball and base for the ball of the ball-pan point both need the testing of surface roughness.
    24. Medical nursing
    Usually in the medical nursing, patients¡¯ teeth, skin and even the connecting plate for bones are all need the roughness testing.
    25. Clothing-making machine
    clips for the hooks to test the shoes comprise clips and loading holders, in which there is a pin, who needs testing of roughness.
  • ART210 Main unit
    Standard sensor
    Calibration Block
    Calibration Template support 
    Adjustable support
    Probe protection Cover
    Power adapter
    USB cable 
    Data software
    instrument Carry case

    RS110 Surface Sensor, 

    RS130 Deep Groove Sensor,

    RS131 Deep Groove Sensor
    Roughness measurement platform
    Bluetooth Printer
    App Software for Mobile phone
    PC software
    ¡¢wireless module

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