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 Wild wind disposable KN95 face mask FFP2 and FDA respirator
  •    Product description:
       1.  Non-Medical KN95 level   (FFP 2 Level with CE certificate and FDA)
       2 . Brand:Wild Wind
       3 . Application fields: Fold face masks are widely used in petroleum, chemical, natural gas, fire protection, metallurgy,    power, nuclear power, construction, mining,non-medical application
       4 Material: non woven fabric and melt blown non-woven fabric,  
       5. HS CODE: 6307900010   
       6. Packages:  5PCS/BAG,200BAGS/Carton,1000pcs in one carton
      7  Packaging Details:
        Single carton size:53*40*36cm
        Single gross weight:6.89kg
        Port : Shanghai or Bejing ,Shenzhen
  • Dear Valued Customer, 

     When you are going to place an order of this mask, please notice as below:

     1)What is KN95 mask? Does it has a same protection rate as the N95 mask?

    A:N95 is the rated under the US NIOSH standard, and KN95 is the rated under the Chinese national standard. They have same rating standard and same filter efficiency 95%, KN95 is N95 in some way.(KN95=FFP2=N95)

     2)Can it be used in Surgery?

     Mo, it Cannot be used in Surgery.

    A: N95/KN95 mask doesnot means can be used in surgery. There are two types masks of the N95/KN95. Surgeical masks and Industrial masks. Our KN95 masks produced under the standard GB 2626-2006  and EN149:2001+A1:2009 which belongs to industrial style. Cannot be used in Surgery.

     3)Can I use industrial KN95 for personal protection in daily life?

    A: Yes, KN95 can offers a good protective level in your daily life.(Same as N95 industrial mask). 

    4) Does it has a exhalation valve?

    A: No. It has no valve. We may recommend that you use a mask with valve now.

     5) Do you have stocks of KN95 mask for shipment?

    A: We have some stocks, ready for fast shipping.

     6) When would you ship the order?

    A: We would send out the item within 72 hours after your order was comfirmed.

     7) How can I track the order?

    A:We will send the track number to you.

     8) Can it be shipped via DHL, UPS?

    A: Yes, please contact with us for more fast express ways.

     9) Can you share more details for me?

    A: Yes, please feel free to contact us.

    This mask is suitable for protecting dust and non-oily particles in the ambient air, particulate air pollutants such as microorganisms and pathogenic microorganisms such as influenza virus

    This product cannot be used in hypoxic environment

    This product cannot be used for protective filtering of toxic gases and vapors

    Masks are contaminated, damaged, aged, invalid, etc., and need to be replaced with new ones

    Children must use under the guidance of adults, please keep in a safe place to avoid accidents

    Do not wash, store in a well-ventilated and dry environment, storage temperature: 10 ℃ ~ 30 ℃, storage humidity: <80%

  •  3 . Application fields: Fold face masks are widely used in petroleum, chemical, natural gas, fire protection, metallurgy, power, nuclear power, construction, mining,non-medical application

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