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  • ● Help the torque wrench to feedback the bolt axial force in real time at a rate of more than 10 times per second, and control the start, stop and speed of the wrench through the feedback axial force value, so that the torque wrench can be changed from torque control to precise axial force control;
    ● Based on cloud data, carry out bolt axial force inspection, realize the life management from bolt construction to bolt operation and maintenance, and provide customers with scientific and reasonable operation and maintenance plans;
    ● If the initial value of the bolt is recorded before delivery or assembly, it can also be applied to the pre-tightening force acceptance of the bolt construction of the unit under construction; the analysis of the bolt failure problem of the in-service unit; the auxiliary verification of the bolt construction process; and the historical data , Carry out application occasions such as the bolt axial force inspection of the in-service unit;

  • name
    Bolt specification
    Bolt length
    Repeat detection accuracy*
    ±2% national standard GB/T19568 preload
    Ultrasonic testing frequency
    Adjustable gain
    Bolt cloud database interface
    stand by
    stand by
    Computer communication
    stand by
    Test result storage
    stand by
    Probe type
    Electromagnetic ultrasound probe
    Display screen
    Power supply
    Lithium-ion battery module (replaceable)
    Battery working time
    About 8 hours
    About 260mm×170mm×50mm
    About 1.2kg
  • ◎ Wind power industry, such as the axial force inspection of tower bolts, blade bolts and anchor bolts; ◎ Bridge industry, such as the axial force inspection of connecting bolts on bridges;
    ◎ The automobile industry, such as real-time detection of bolt axial force during cylinder assembly;
    ◎ Wrench tool industry, such as a smart wrench socket for real-time feedback of axial force;
    ◎ The tower industry, such as the patrol inspection of the axial force of the connecting bolts of the communication base station;
    ◎ Railway industry, such as the inspection of axle force of track bolts;
    ◎ Axial force monitoring and inspection of connecting bolts in the amusement equipment industry, such as cable cars, ferris wheels, etc.
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    Analysis of pitch bearing and hub bolt shaft on side A of hub   
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