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  • Rebar locator
    1.Large graphic display with backlight
    2.Signal strength bar display
    3.Depth of covering layer
    Brief Introduction:
    TC100 is used to detect the thickness of concrete covering layer and rebar diameter. Besides, it can detect the location of magnetic substance and electric conductor in non-magnetic and non-conductive medium, e.g. cable inside wall body and water & heating pipe etc. This instrument is a kind of intelligent nondestructive test equipment possessing the functions of automatic detection, data memory and output.
    ,  Measuring the thickness of concrete over steel reinforcement and metal pipes
    ,  Measuring the rebar location and diameter
    ,  Large graphic display with backlight
    ,  Signal strength bar display and sound alarm for accuracy reading
    ,  Depth of covering layer reach up to 180mm
    ,  Real time graphic output both to screen and printer
    ,  Data processing software compatible with windows 95/98/2000/Me/WT/XP
    ,  Auto calibration, correct the system error
    ,  Three scan mode: grid pattern ,profile scan and large area scan
  • Covering layer thickness
    measuring range


    Range : 7mm~180mm

    Rebar diameter measuring range

    Ø6mm~ Ø50mm

    Tolerance of covering layer thickness












    Operating temperature

    -10<C~ 40<C

    Relative humidity


  • Rebar locating
  • Main unit                 1
    Transducer              1
    Signal cable             1
    Shoulder strap         1
    AA Batteries (LR6)  6
    Key                         2
    Instruction Manual 1
    TIME Certificate 1
    Warranty Card 1

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