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 YMPZ-2 Automatic Metallographic Sample Grinding and Polishing Machine
  • 1.plastic case
    2.stepless speed
    3.low noise
    4.corrosion resistant head

  • Main parameters:

    Grinding method: Automatic

    Grinding disk diameter: 230 mm

    Speed:100-1400 r/min, Stepless

    Power: 400W

    Machine body: Plastic case, Corrosion resistant head, Antirust

    Test block: 4

    Air pressure: 2.3~8kg/cm²

    Grinding head speed: 20-120 r/min, Stepless

    Way of pressure: separate pressurized

    Sample size: MAXΦ45mm (Selectable,φ25,φ30,φ45 etc.)

    Interface: membrane switch, digital display, can set the grinding speed, timing, steering and tank cleaning function 

    Display: 1. Speed 2. Time countdown 3. Air pressure

    Pressurizing force adjustable range: 0-6 Kg

    Grinding time: adjustable range 0-100 minutes (It can display the remaining time when grinding) 

    Rotation angle of grinding head: adjustable 

    Grinding direction: forward or reverse direction

    Specimen chuck: specimen fixture can be quickly replaced (quickly-disassembled function)

    Dimension: 757L*623W*645Hmm 

    Power supply: AC220V, 1000W


  • It can meet different materials' preparation requirements, and can improve rubbing and polishing quality and preparing efficiency of the sample.
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