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 AUT800 thickness gauge with metal shell
  • ♦AUT800 Portable design, Energy-saving, Waterproof keyboard, Easy using.
    ♦ Automatic calibration system.
    ♦ Data transfer function, RS232 interface, can connect with PC or printer.
    ♦ 5 different types are available for your selection
  • Model
    Measuring Range
     0.65-350mm  (# 45 Steel)
    Measuring Accuracy
    Material Temperature Condition
    20 ~ 550≧
    Velocity Range
    1000-9990 m/s
    Probe Info
    5MHZ defalut probe, 4 other types probe are available for choice
    Statistic Storage Ability
    600 statistics can be stored
    2 pcs of 1.5V batteries
    Artificial Intelligence
    Automatically shut down after 5 mintes standby
    Auto backlight function
    Operating Condition
    Humidity+90%  Temperature Range  0~40≧
  • Widely used in all kinds of sheet metal, pipe wall thickness,
    boiler vessel wall thickness and localized corrosion, corrosion.
    Product inspection of metallurgy, shipbuilding, machinery, chemical industry, electric power,
    nuclear energy and other various industrial sectors,
    the safe running of the equipment and modern management plays a major role.
  • Standard Delivery:
    1pc  AUT800 main unit
    2pc  1.5V Battery
    1pc  Φ8 Probe
    1pc  Couplant
    1pc  Manual Instruction
    1pc  Warranty Card
    1pc  Suitcase
  • Optional  Accesorries
    Probes: GT-12; ZT-12; φ6; φ10
    Detecting Toolbox
    USB Cable
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